Prodigy Contracting Inc provides residential roofing materials and roofing type for the roofing industry. On average, a home's roof must be replaced, or at least repaired, every decade. Prodigy Contracting Inc guarantees much longer lasting roofing material but we felt it was pertinent to give you the average in the roofing industry.


Prodigy Contracting Inc is well aware that one must choose the right roofing materials to ensure a sturdy and stylish support structure.We are also aware that you don't want to compromise value for design. Prodigy Contracting Inc ensures the ideal solution for your residential roofing needs in the roofing sector. Prodigy Contracting Inc will customize our roofing materials according to your unique needs. Some of the roofing variations Prodigy Contracting Inc provides in the roofing sector include:

metal roofing specialist. Metal roofing essentially consists of sheeting using galvanized steel (i.e., metal tiles or pieces). If you are looking for a lightweight, durable, portable, biodegradable, energy efficient, flexible, and element (fire, wind) resistant roofing alloy look no further.

Prodigy Contracting Inc has a great deal of experience with tile roofing. Tile roofing is known for durability, being fire resistant but also being stylish.

Shingle roofing is very popular in the area. Roofing shingles consist of sheet materials that overlap one another individually. The customer has a choice between an amalgamation of different minerals and materials including composites, fibreglass, wood, and ceramics. Prodigy Contracting Inc recommends fibreglass shingles over paper and wood based shingles because they are less of a fire hazard.

Flat roofing consists of horizontal sheathing or insulation. This is in stark contrast to a veranda-esque arrangement such as a shingle roof and is more commonly used in commercial applications. Flat roofing is not recommended for colder climates, as flat roofing materials-such as gravel-are not impermeable to aqueous solutions, such as ice.

Prodigy Contracting Inc is also a certified roof repair specialist. If your roof requires repair due to environmental damage or age; we can have a new roof on your home in record time.